Hội Chợ Tết Nhâm Thìn tại Footscray, Melbourne

Trong buổi lễ khai mạc Hội Chợ Tết tại Footscray (28/01/2012), ông Nguyễn văn Bon (Chủ Tịch CĐNVTD/VIC), sau khi có đôi lời chào mừng các quan khách Úc-Việt cùng đông đảo đồng hương tham dự, ông Bon đã nêu lên vấn đề tên gọi về cái Tết như sau:

"Ladies and gentlemen, you might have noticed that I've used the word “Lunar New Year” not Chinese New Year.  Seems to be a little confusing isn’t it? Sometimes someone say Chinese New Year and other time it’s Lunar New Year so which is the correct terminology that reflect this good tradition?

For thousands of years many countries in Asia Eastern and Southern region, including China celebrated Lunar New Year, this is based on the Lunar date, base on the moon. The Lunar New Year is often referring as “Spring Festival”.  

China and Chinese is the terminology that came from the Chin’s Dynasty. First king in the Chin Dynasty started as a king in a smaller state but eventually he was able to force all other states to accept his ruling, hence the word China and Chinese was formed. However the Lunar date and Lunar New Year or “spring festival” can be back tracked to thousands of years to the time that the Chin Dynasty was not even existed.

Therefore, in my humble opinion the correct terminology should be Lunar New Year not Chinese New Year. By using the word Chinese New Year not only shown a lack of understanding about the Asian culture but also being disrespectful the chinese ancestors (obviously they celebrate Lunar New Year before the Chin’s Dynasty) and in a way you are giving China the central attention and ignoring all other countries within the vicinity of Eastern and Southern Asia.  In my humble opinion, instead of wishing someone a happy Chinese New year we should wish them a happy Lunar New Year."

Như vậy tên gọi đúng thực sự mà người Việt chúng ta đã dùng trong bao đời qua để gọi cho ngày Tết là Tết Âm Lịch (Lunar New Year) chứ chẳng phải riêng gì là Tết Việt Nam (Vietnamese New Year) và dĩ nhiên không phải là Tết (của riêng) Trung Hoa (Chinese New Year).

Sau cùng ông Bon đã gởi những lời chúc mừng năm tốt đẹp nhất đến với mọi người:

"The Year of the dragon represents the Power, Strength and Luck.  Also in the Asian culture the dragon doesn’t have wings but it can fly, which also means ordinary people like us can achieve extraordinary achievements.

I would like to wish everyone very happy New Year with Power, Luck and achieving extraordinary things in 2012.

My heart is with you all, my fellow Australians and my fellow Vietnamese."

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