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PM praises decades of Vietnamese success

February 02, 2013

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has praised more than 35 years of Vietnamese ambition, commitment and goodwill in Australia.

Ms Gillard took part in a Vietnamese New Year festival in Sydney on Saturday evening.

"In 1977, a small wooden vessel threaded its way through the Gulf of Thailand and the waters to our north before finding landfall near Darwin," Ms Gillard said in a speech at the Fairfield Showground, in the city's west.

"The boat's cargo: 31 people in search of a better life.

She said the Vietnamese migration was a challenge for Australia because it was the first broad-scale migration from Asia since the gold rush.

"... after the first Vietnamese came to Australia, this community is seeing its pioneers grow old," Ms Gillard said.

"Its children succeed and prosper in all aspects of national life.

..."Its grandchildren speak in broad Aussie accents."

Ms Gillard also praised the progress of Vietnamese refugees, many of whom came with only the "the clothes on their backs".

"Yet you did not come empty-handed," she said.

"You came with hope to this land of new beginnings."

"You matched opportunity with effort. Citizenship with commitment. Acceptance with goodwill.

"So four decades since the journey began, we are here as civic leaders to share this festival and to say: thank you."

The Chinese and Vietnamese 2013 lunar new year is the Year of the Snake.


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