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Obama prods Vietnam on rights after activists stopped from meeting him

One prominent intellectual, Nguyen Quang A, told Reuters that about 10 policemen had come to his house at 6:30 a.m. and put him in a car that was driven out of the capital until Obama was about to leave.

Call for greater freedom of expression in Vietnam

A UN human rights expert says it's time for the Vietnamese government to ensure better freedom of expression in order to prevent artists from being arbitrarily punished, harassed or detained. The UN's Special Rapporteur on cultural rights Farida Shaheed has just returned from a fact-finding visit to Vietnam where she met with government officials and members of civil society.

Vietnam's Internet Censorship Bill Goes Into Effect

Internet freedom has gone from bad to worse in Vietnam as an online censorship law known as Decree 72 went into effect this month. It bans bloggers and users of social media from quoting, gathering, or summarizing information from press organizations or government websites. While the main justification for the law is to uphold "national security," Vietnamese authorities also claim that this law is aimed at combating online copyright infringement.

Thông Cáo Chung của Liên Minh Tự Do Liên Mang về Nghị Định số 72 của nước CHXHCN Việt Nam

Liên Minh Tự Do Liên Mang quan tâm rất sâu sắc về Nghị định số 72 của Việt Nam vừa được công bố, mà nó sẽ áp đặt hạn chế hơn nữa về sự truy cập và sử dụng mạng Internet tại Việt Nam sẽ có hiệu lực ngày 1 tháng 9. Ví dụ, Nghị định 72 hạn chế lưu lượng thông tin trên  mạng và hạn chế việc chia sẻ của một số loại tin tức và những tiếng nói khác. Nghị định 72 tỏ ra không phù hợp với nghĩa vụ của Việt Nam phải tuân theo Công ước Quốc tế về Quyền Dân sự và Chính trị, cũng như những cam kết của họ theo Tuyên Ngôn Quốc Tế Nhân Quyền.

Vietnam adopts regulations to ban Internet users from sharing news reports online

Vietnam isn’t a country known for enabling freedom of expression, but things look like they could get all the more concerning. Media reports claim that the country, which routinely jails bloggers and has state-run media, has turned its attention to social media with a new clampdown.

Ông Thượng nghị sĩ Chris Hayes chỉ trích CSVN về Nhân Quyền


Decree targets online freedoms in Vietnam

A new decree aimed at regulating Internet-related information and services in Vietnam represents a significant new danger to online journalists and bloggers, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. The decree was signed into law on July 15 and will be implemented on September 1, according to news reports.

... to be investigated or ignored as usual

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has asked the Vietnamese government to release three Australian trade union activists from prison. Senator Carr said the Vietnamese foreign minister said he would ask for all five cases to be investigated.

Vietnam hunger strike tests official intimidation

Cu Huy Ha Vu's books come with pages torn out by prison guards. Only some of his letters reach home. He is not allowed to access evidence from his trial or to see his wife alone.

U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Relations

 I’d note that over the 18-plus years since normalization, ties between Vietnam and the United States have improved – through trade, travel, and cultural connections. Those on both sides of the ocean have benefitted, but in particular, Vietnamese living in Vietnam, where the standard of living has increased as the population becomes better off and more educated. As we talk about human rights, we should all remember that our concerns are really echoes of the concerns being voiced and discussed by millions of people inside Vietnam. They get it. They know the status quo won’t do. They see that although Vietnam has become a more prosperous country, without progress on human rights, there are limits to what Vietnam can achieve.

European Parliament urges the Vietnamese authorities to cease human rights violations

Welcoming last Thursday’s European Parliament resolution on Vietnam, FIDH and its member organisation, the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR), renew their call to the Vietnamese authorities to cease these violations and call upon the European Union to pursue its efforts to that end.

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